Sherine Ahmed » Habbeit

Sherine Ahmed Oul Lemta:

Oul lemta ya Habibi harDa belli biyegra leya
geet m3ak fi kol Haga w enta bas gay 3alaya
Tab leih, Tab law makany hate3mel eih
Tab leih alby elli Habbak te'sa 3aleih
lama awheb 3omry wadaHi mates'alsh feyya
wama a'oul hasebak enta bteegy tet-Hayel 3alaya
Tab leih fakart ghorourak 'aswa
Tab leih 3andak DeyaH ayam Helwa
yaah Hawelt ansak la'itny ma3ak
makan matrouH
yaah bakon 3ayzak ba'oulak rouH Helwa rouH

Arabic Text:

قول لامتى يا حبيبى هرضى باللى بيجرى ليا
جيت معاك فى كل حاجه وانت بس جاى عليا
طب ليه طب لو مكانى هتعمل ايه
طب ليه قلبى اللى حبك تقسى عليه
لما اوهب عمرى واضحى ماتسألش فيا
وما اقول هسيبك انت تيجى تتهايل عليا
طب ليه فكرت غرورك قسوه
طب ليه عندك ضيع ايام حلوه
ياه حاولت انساك لاقتنى معاك
مكان ماتروح
ياه بكون عايزاك بقولك روح حلاوه روح


O my beloved
Tell me till when am I feeling satisfied about what's happening to me?
I was always by your side but you are just opposite me
Why? What if you were in my place?
So why do you toughen my heart that loved you up?
You don't ask about me when I give my life away and I sacrifice
And when I decide to leave you, you come to rip me off
So why did you think that your self-conceit is strength?
So why did you lose all these beautiful days?
Oooh! I tried to forget you but I found myself with you
Wherever you go
O sweetness of my soul, I want you but I ask you to go

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