Fairouz Nahna Wel Amar Jeeran:

na7na wel-amar jeeran
bayto khalf tlaalna
beyetla3 men e2balna
byesma3 el-al7an
na7na wel-amar jeeran
3eref mwa3eedna
w tarek be armeedna
ajmal el-alwan

yama sherna ma3o
be layl el-hana
ma3a en-nahdaat
yama 3ala matla3o
shara7na el-hawa
ghewa 7kayat

na7na wel-amar jeeran
lamma tal w zarna
3a 2anater darna
rashrash el-merjan

ghnany w zekar
7ob w sahar

Arabic Text:

نحنا و القمر جيران
بيته خلف تلالنا
بيطلع من قبالنا
بيسمع الالحان
نحنا و القمر جيران
عارف مواعيدنا
و تارك بقرميدنا
اجمل الالوان

ياما سهرنا معه
بليل الهنا
مع النهدات

ياما على مطلعه
شرحنا الهوى
و غوى حكايات

نحنا و القمر جيران
لما طلّ و زارنا
ع قناطر دارنا
رشرش المرجان

غناني و ذكر
حبّ و سهر


we and the moon are neighbours
its house is behind our hills
it comes out from in front of us
and listens to the melodies
we and the moon are neighbours
it knows our times
and leaves on our roof bricks
the most beautiful colours

many times we've stayed all night with it
in the nights of joy
with the moans
many times on its rising
we've explained the love
with songs and tales

we and the moon are neighbours
when it stepped by and visited us
on the bridges of our house
the corals were spread

songs and reminders
love and staying us all night

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